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Electric Inspection and Testing

Electrical inspection and testing is a proven way to rule out safety hazards and serious electrical accidents that can potentially claim a life. Contact NH Electricals for annual or bi-annual inspection of wiring and testing of appliances to make sure everything runs smoothly.
We run general inspection on your electrical systems to ensure compliance with safety and efficiency standards and to prevent any possibility of short-circuit, burnt-out outlets and switches, overloading and appliance failure to name a few.
Our licensed electrician will check your appliances regularly to prevent fatal fires and electrocution.
Whether you are planning to put your property on market or looking forward to buying one, an electrical inspection report can help you understand electrical dynamics of the building. This will help you make an informed selling/buying experience.

Electrical Installation Manchester

The best way to prolong the life of your electrical appliances and avoid frequent breakdowns or declined efficiency is to choose a licensed electrician for the installation. NH Electricals specialises in all types of electrical installations, whether it’s your newly purchased appliance, central heating unit or full wiring across the building.
We will install your appliances and surveillance devices according to your requirements for a personalised experience.
If you suspect an electrical problem, turn off the mains supply and wait patiently for our electrician to arrive. We are just a phone call away.
Give us a call anytime.

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