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Landlord Electrical Safety Certificate Manchester

NH Electricals provides landlord certificate for Manchester homes to ensure your electrical systems meet safety standards and keep you off any financial risk or insurance invalidation. Landlords are required by law to ensure electrical compliance before letting their property. And you will need a licensed electrician to get that done. NH Electricals provides periodic electrical inspection and point out problematic areas that require immediate fixing. This way, we ensure safety of your tenants and protect you against lawsuits.
It’s your responsibility as a landlord to ensure the safety of your tenants, and a landlord electrical safety certificate is a valid proof that you do.

Electrical Safety Obligations for Landlords

Before letting your property to anyone, you must make yourself aware of the below-mentioned electrical safety obligations as required by law.

Electrical safety must be maintained throughout the tenancy, accompanied by visual inspection between tenancies.

If your property is a House in Multiple Occupation (HMO), it is mandatory to have electrical inspection done every five years.

Any appliance provided to the tenant must comply to the safety and quality standards as per European law.

At NH Electricals, we are licensed to provide landlord safety certificate for all types of residential properties. Give us a call anytime to book an appointment.

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