CCTV Installation Manchester

CCTV System Installation for Commercial and Residential Properties
When you need the right CCTV systems in Manchester for your home or office, at the right price, NH Electrical can deliver on your expectations. We provide both audio and video solutions to meet your surveillance demands.
High-quality cameras for face and license plate recognition
The key characteristic of an ideal CCTV camera is to easily identify face, license plates, etc. for monitoring purposes. With one-time CCTV installation in Manchester and regular maintenance, we help homeowners secure their property against theft and vandalism.
We can establish a wireless connection between the surveillance cameras and your mobile device, so you can keep an eye on every activity from wherever you are. This is a great feature to safeguard large commercial and industrial premises.

CCTV Systems Manchester

Fast Maintenance Assistance
In case of a breakdown or essential upgrades, the expert assistance is just one phone call away. We cater to your repair, maintenance and upgrade requests at the earliest. You will not have to spend a day without a functional security system.
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We can also advise you on the best recording systems and CCTV monitoring devices. As mobile technology is advancing at a phenomenal rate, you are never too far away from your security system.
We can offer you a solution that allows you to log into your security system and keep a watchful eye on your property, even when you’re not in the country! We offer a maintenance service to any of your existing systems and can help ensure that you conform to the law, so that your images can be used as evidence in a court of law if ever needed.
Feel free to call, and allow NH Electriclas to assist you with friendly cost effective advice, and provide a solution to suite any environment you wish to monitor. Please call us on 01619617652 or drop us a line to

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