Commercial Electrician Manchester

NH Electrical provides a full suite of modern electrical solutions to make your commercial property functional and safe for employees and visitors. As required by the law, you must ensure your commercial establishment’s electrical compliance and that it meets the highest quality and safety standards. Being a certified electrician, we can do that for you.

Every business is unique and so are their electrical needs. We can provide great assistance and comprehensive electrical solutions to meet your individual requirements.

Commercial Electrical Contractors Manchester

We take pride in having completed electrical installations for the following premises:

  • Schools and colleges
  • Bars, cafe and restaurants
  • Showrooms, shops and supermarkets
  • Corporate offices    
  • Kennels and veterinary practices

We can light up your premises – inside and out – using energy-saving LED bulbs and emergency lights to enhance functionality and aesthetics. Our innovative design and installation solutions will get your business noticed and will also save time and hassles.

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