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Do’s and Don’ts when confronted with an electrical emergency

Electricity is no longer a luxury. Rather it’s a basic amenity we often take for granted – so much so that sometimes we are unable to foresee the repercussions of a fault, a short-circuit situation, for instance. Life is all comfortable and nice until you see a spark in the wiring or smoke rising from the switchboard. That’s pretty much a sight to send anyone into a state of panic faster than you spell out ‘panic’. By the way, panic makes the situation worse.
First of all, you should be able to comprehend the signs of an electrical fault so as to decide the suitable course of action.
More often than not, an electrical emergency arises during odd hours, which can be terribly inconvenient and dangerous, too, because you don’t have anyone to seek help from. Nonetheless, our 24 hour electrician in Manchester is always on call to help you in distress. Till the time our electrician arrives, here are a few do’s and don’ts that you must know to avoid making the situation worse.
The first thing to do in an event of wiring issues is to cut off the mains supply. Locate the Miniature Circuit Breaker in your home and flick the main switch. However, in case of a short-circuit, the MCB trips automatically to curb the damage.
During voltage fluctuation, unplug your appliances, even your mobile phone charger, as voltage fluctuation is the worst enemy of appliances.
If someone around you has experienced a severe electric shock and has developed burns or blisters on the skin, do not apply any ointment without consulting a doctor.
Do not use water in case of an electrical fire outbreak. Unless you have a Class C fire extinguisher and can subdue the fire by yourself, holler for help.

Following the above tips should hold you up until the professionals come to your rescue. Stay safe!

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