Fire Alarms Manchester

Safeguard your property against fire break-outs
Fire can break out anywhere and anytime, without prior notice. Therefore, for the sake of your own safety and people around you, always choose the best fire alarm system and get it installed to the highest standards.

Fire Alarm Installation Manchester

At NH Electricals, we have closely analysed various causes of fire break-out in homes and offices and have come up with innovative installation techniques for maximum fire sensitivity. While most fire alarms do not go off in an event of fire break-out due to one reason or the other, this won’t be the case if you choose our advanced fire alarm system.

Smoke Alarm Installation Manchester

Every fire outbreak starts with a smoke, and that’s exactly when a smoke detector goes off to alert occupants about the impending danger so that they can evacuate the building in time. NH Electricals installs smoke alarms in areas that are prone to fire outbreak and where damage can be worst.

Fire Alarm Maintenance

Fire alarm maintenance is important to make sure the device works properly and does not give a false alert to disturb your sleep. NH Electricals provides annual fire alarm maintenance, which includes replacing batteries, testing sensors and making essential upgrades to ensure safety all year round.
We offer installation services for diverse premises, ranging from large-scale factories to small offices and everything in between. Let us know your requirements over the phone or drop us an email. We’ll quickly get back to you to give you the assistance you need.

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